The Dorothy's Derby Chronicles Series

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Rise of the Undead Redhead
In Stores July 8, 2014

Grandma Sally catapults the hearse over a speed bump, careening into Dorothy’s new middle school parking lot to the shrieks of Dorothy and her sister, Sam.  Dorothy Moore becomes the fiery ring leader of a lively band of misfits, but she doesn’t even know it.  A redheaded ball of enthusiastic contradictions, Dorothy is lucky to make it through a day without planting a foot in her mouth or into a hole. She has curly, orange pig tails, freckles and arrives at her first day of middle school in her old plaid Catholic school uniform, while every other student is dressed in hip, modern day style. 

She stumbles blindly in life and into roller derby — a sport banned by her mother, now chasing stardom in Nashville.  It takes one off-her-rocker Grandma Sally — ex roller derby superstar — a flaming hearse and new friends with a penchant for funeral homes and roller skates to show Dorothy her leadership potential.  Dorothy takes her Grandma’s retro roller derby skates, a new attitude and a merry, mismatched band of anti-divas into the exhilarating world of roller derby with her sister, Sam, by her side.  

While the middle school mean girls, The Pom Poms, try to take down the team through school pranks and antics, Dorothy and her new pack--Gigi, Jade, Dinah, Dee, Ruth, Lizzy, Juana—find they’ve somehow smack-talked their way onto the junior roller derby competition schedule when they barely have a clue about the sport.  As the team trains, along with super fan and constant supporter, Max, luck shines on them as they stumble their way into the Championship bout. 

The Woe of Jade Doe
In Stores January 2015

The story opens at the end of the Slugs & Hisses championship bout in Book 1 – Rise of the Undead Redhead-- when the skate rink ceiling collapses at the end of the bout.  The team spends weeks at the rec center trying to fix the building, but more strange disruptions occur.  The pancake feed fundraiser ends up in a food fight and other attempts to raise money fail catastrophically.  The team is shocked when they learn that Jade’s realtor Mom is going to help sell the building and surrounding land to create a senior living development. 

At the 11th hour, Alex’s parents step in and host an America’s-Got-Loads-A-Talent-like-show, but it still does not raise enough money to save the center, even with a surprising performance from Jade’s Mom.  At the show it is revealed that Jade’s Mom has been propagating the ghost story and causing the problems in the rec center.  She needs to sell the building because the family is hurting financially.  The true hero is a secret donor who turns out to be Dorothy’s Mom, thanks to a new boyfriend. Meanwhile, on the track things heat up between Dorothy and Max, where they argue and flirt.  Once a foe, Alex makes a surprising addition to the team, as they are talked into skating in a roller derby tournament with the team they replaced in the previous season, the Mad Gladiskators.  The true Pom Pom nemesis, Priscilla, joins the Gladiskators, and Slug & Hisses finds out that the Gladiskators were kicked out for playing dirty and now have it out for them.   



Book 3
Booty Vicious Bites Back

Book 4
The Alexorcism Begins

Book 5
Tag Em and Bag Em Lays One Out

Book 6
Juana SmackHer Hits Back

Book 7
Geekzilla Goes on a Rampage

Book 8
Rolling Thunder's Perfect Storm

Book 9
Max Voltage Strikes Again

Book 10
Annie Conda's Deadly Embrace


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