Name: Peyton Ruddell

Telephone Number: (206) 234-1480

Email Address:

Skate Name: Sin-Derella

League/Team: Denver Roller Dolls/Glitterdome Gladiators

Age: 9

Favorite Candy: Botan Rice Candy

Favorite Music: Pop

Tell us about your derby experience and what derby means to you!: I have been playing for almost 2 years in Denver and I have learned a lot in the process. I have learned different stops and official hand signals and how to fall without major damage. I love showing off my derby kisses. Since I have started skating I have met some of my best friends that mean more than the world to me. What roller derby means to me...? You don't have to always win but you do have to get back up. I travel a lot in the summer and being part of the derby community I get to be a visitor skater for other teams. One of my favorite out of state coaches is Mighty Mite in Charm City.

Is there anything you would like to add?: When I am not skating I am reading or hanging out with my awesome mom. I go to school up to 11 hours a day taking Shakespeare for an hour and technology for 3 hours after my regular classes so roller derby is way for me to challenge myself physically. My God mother helped me pick my name Sin-Derella but one of my favorite songs is about how "I don't want to be a girl like Cinderella, waiting for a boy to come and save me, I'd rather rescue myself."

Link to you or your team on video.: