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Students of CEC Bump Into Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles’ Rise of the Undead Redhead!

April 10, 2014 – CEC - 2650 Eliot Street, Denver, CO 80211 –

Talk about hard-hitting, real-world animation experience! Jimmy Sellars, who is a visiting artist at The Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center Middle College of Denver, in conjunction with Think 360, are getting hit with a real-life roller derby animation project: Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles!  The students will be creating animated bumper videos for each of the main characters of DDC.  On April 10th, Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles’ creators Alece Birnbach and Meghan Dougherty will visit the students and talk about roller derby, book publishing and illustration. Alece and Meghan will pick the top three bumper winners out of the class, who will get kudos, hugs and hisses, and maybe a few other goodies. CEC is an urban magnet high school in northwest Denver and has been providing students with real-life learning experiences in dozens of career-oriented courses since 1976.