Denver Roller Derby Skater Inspires Young Girls to Fight for their Dreams in a New Book Series

Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles: Rise of the Undead Redhead in stores July 2014; Pre-order of the book available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Tattered Cover and other local book stores--By Meghan Dougherty and Alece Birnbach; Illustrated by Alece Birnbach

May 02, 2014

It’s true: roller derby inspires an individualistic—and a little anti-establishment—attitude, something that Meghan Dougherty discovered when she joined the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls in 2007. But roller derby also gave her new friends, a chance to experience fantastic teamwork and the idea for brand new children’s book series: DOROTHY’S DERBY CHRONICLES. The first book, Rise of the Undead Redhead, will be in stores nationally July 2014.

A redheaded ball of enthusiastic contradictions, Dorothy Moore is lucky to make it through a day without planting a foot in her mouth or into a hole. When their mother leaves to chase stardom in Nashville, Dorothy and her sister, Sam, find themselves living with Grandma a funeral home. Dealing with her crazy, hearse-driving grandmother is one thing, but Dorothy has to start a whole new life at J. Elway Middle School—where she’s classified an outsider on her very first day.

When G-ma gives Dorothy her retro-roller derby skates, she discovers a new attitude and takes a merry, mismatched band of anti-divas into the exhilarating world of roller derby with her sister, Sam, by her side. While the middle school mean girls, The Pom Poms, try to take down the team through school pranks and antics, Dorothy and her new pack—Gigi, Jade, Dinah, Dee, Ruth, Lizzy, Juana—find they’ve somehow smack-talked their way onto the junior roller derby competition schedule when they barely have a clue about the sport. With G-ma as coach, new nicknames like Geekzilla, Rolling Thunder, and Dee Tension at the ready, this crew of girls is ready to hit the track and win the game!

Rise of the Undead Redhead is the first book in the series, and readers are in for a wild and exhilarating ride. The books teach young girls the same lessons Dorothy and her friends learn: accept yourself for who you are, appreciate others for what they have to offer, be strong and work together as a team. Most importantly, don’t let anyone hold you back from your dreams!

“When I started playing nearly eight years ago I witnessed the transformation the sport inspired in women of all sizes and ages,” said Meghan Dougherty, co-creator of Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles. “The body confidence, strength, sass and sisterhood is something so unique and special I thought it would be such an incredible message for girls in this time of princesses and fairies. You don’t have to play roller derby to have that spirit, and now that message can be shared with all girls.”

Revived in 2003 in Austin, TX, roller derby has persevered since it began in 1922. Today roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the world, with more than 1,500 leagues worldwide. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ 5280 Fight Club and Contenders travel teams will play the number one team in the world, Gotham City Roller Derby Sunday, May 11, at the Fillmore Auditorium in a Noon double header against the two travel teams.

Meghan Dougherty owns a local public relations firm, Dougherty Relations, Inc. In 2007 she joined the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls roller derby league as Undertaker’s Daughter, #DOA, and plays with the Sugar Kill Gang. Alece Birnbach is a professional graphic recorder and a nationally recognized illustrator whose images can be found on hundreds of products nationwide. Co-writer Karen Windness is a professional writer and illustrator who lives in Thornton. Meghan and Alece both live in Denver, Colorado. Learn more at