Skate of Emergency

Skater: Skate of Emergency

League/Team: Toronto Junior Roller Derby, #808   

Age: 16 

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Favorite Music: Everything from old-school to house music, 
reggae and top 40’s

Favorite Book: Any books with love and drama


Skate of Emergency says that roller derby has changed her life 100 % for the better.  

As a jam skater before derby, Yellow Helmet (as her friends call her) was very content to stick with what she knew.  She hung out with the kids she grew up with and focused on herself and improving at jam skating.  By joining roller derby she went from being a bit of an independent loner to a full-fledged team player. 

She grew as a different kind of skater, made new friends and now considers herself to be open and ready to learn new things. Being part of a team has helped her improve. “It isn’t all about me anymore,” she told us. 

Since playing roller derby Skate of Emergency has a whole new outlook.  She cares less about what people think of her and more about what she thinks.  As long as she likes her look it’s all that matters to her now. 

Some of Skate’s new outlook comes from some recent health issues.  She’s being tested for a potential heart problem and often has to miss practice.  She realizes anything can happen so she is going to play and do her best for as long as she can.

She thinks roller derby girls are different from girls in other sports because of how accepting and non-judgmental roller derby girls are.  Everyone allows you to be yourself no matter how silly or crazy that might be. 

As both a jammer and a blocker, Skate’s favorite part of the game is right before the whistle blows when anticipation is at its highest.  “Then TWEET!”