Marjorie Mayhem

Skater: Marjie Mayhem, #9

League/Team: Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks 5280 Might Club

Age: 16

Favorite Candy: Charleston Chews

Favorite Music: Psychedelic rock and My Morning Jacket

Favorite Book: Mysteries and murders especially Truman Capote's classic, In Cold Blood. 

Not really into sports except for hockey before starting roller derby, Marjie Mayhem tributes roller derby with giving her the strong sense of self and confidence she has today. An insecure and shy 11-year old when she started the sport, Marjie says she’s more willing to step outside her comfort zone. She goes so far as to say that she “defiantly” doesn’t care as much as she used to about what people think of her. She learned as a skater it’s not about what you look like, but what matters is how you play.

Marjie first learned about derby from the movie Whip It! and thought it was “the coolest thing ever.”  She mentioned it in her art class one day and her “amazing” art teacher, UltraViolent Blu, happened to be a skater with the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls in Denver. Blu told Marjie that she played roller derby and suggested Marjie see an actual game.  Her very first game was one author Meghan Dougherty/Undertaker’s Daughter was playing in, Sugar Kill Gang vs. Dooms Daisies.  That year Marjie tried out and became a member of the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks.

Marjie’s favorite part of the game is skating itself. She says there is something really empowering and freeing about skating in fast circles. Marjie Mayhem was her second choice for a name (Princess Slaya was first), but it fit so she kept it.  She chose the number 9 especially for her favorite skater is Amanda Jamitinya (or A.J), a cool person and amazing athlete.

Marjie says she’s very curvy, which turns her hips into killers…which is nice in derby. When not playing roller derby Marjie enjoys playing video games, drawing and sleeping.