Bubble Vicious

Skater: Bubble Vicious

League/Team: Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks/5280 Might Club
Age: 16 (10th grade)
Favorite Candy: Swedish Fish
Favorite Music: Retro punk-
The Dead Milkmen, Ramones, Sex Pistols
Favorite Book: Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat

After one year of skating as a member of the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks (junior roller derby league of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls) travel team—5280 Might Club, Bubble Vicious has been bitten by roller derby.

“In a lot of ways roller derby has become my life,” said Vicious. “Practice is what I look forward to all week, I get in extra practice time whenever I can, and I’m constantly going to games,” says Vicious, as she’s called by her teammates. 

More than just goals to work towards and something to look forward to, Bubble Vicious believes that roller derby has made her a stronger, more courageous, and determined person.  In fact, she even goes so far to say she never really liked sports until she played roller derby.

“Until I discovered (roller) derby, I thought I might never really play sports. The only thing that’s come close is I’ve done yoga most of my life,” she added.

More than finding a sport she loves, since playing roller derby Bubble Vicious feels changed. “I think since I’ve been playing derby my looks have changed a bit, because I’ve become more physical,” she said.  “I’ve definitely started acting different. I’m a lot more determined, work extra hard towards my goals and am a lot less likely to give up.”

After a non related injury, a broken hip that took her out of roller derby for four months, Vicious considered quitting. “Instead of giving up like I may have in the past, I worked as hard as I could to make up for the time I lost,” said Vicious.
That effort has paid off for Bubble Vicious as she is a jammer and blocker on the “A” team of the 5280 Might Club, which includes skaters (all girls), aged 12-17.

Like most sports, Bubble Vicious embodies the satisfaction that every athlete gets from working hard, playing well and succeeding as a team.  Because when you are in the moment of your game, you not only lose yourself, but there are no worries about any life stresses off the track.
“At the end of the game, whether you’ve won or lost, if you’ve put your heart into the game you feel amazing,” finished Vicious.