Monkey Mess 8 oz

Skater: Monkey Mess 8 oz

League/Team:  LA Derby Dolls Jr. Bank Track, Mini Riettes/San Fernando Valley Fast Times 

Age: 10  

Favorite Candy:  Anything sour 

Favorite Music:  Pop music

Favorite Book: Hunger Games

This photo says it all.  Monkey Mess’ secret weapon is her size. She’s so small other skaters are afraid to hit her. 

Both a blocker and jammer, Monkey Mess says roller derby has made her tough and athletic.  Starting when she was 8, Monkey skates both on a junior flat track and banked track league on the travel teams.  She credits roller derby for allowing her to experience new places.  In fact, she flew on her first airplane thanks to roller derby when she skated at the Battle on the Bank V in Seattle.

Monkey is small and scrappy and has become more assertive and outgoing thanks to the sport. She loves jamming, and when she’s not skating she listens to music and plays.  Her Mom, Pretty Mess, #32oz, skates with the LA Derby Dolls senior team and was the inspiration for her name.   

Roller derby is the only sport Monkey has ever played, but if she decides to retire, you might find her on the hockey rink.  That’s the next sport she’d like to try.