Scream Cheese

Skater: Scream Cheese, #05

League/Team: Rose City Rosebuds/Death Scar Derby Dolls (Portland, OR)
Age: 15 (10th grade)
Favorite Candy: Swedish Fish, Jr Mints 
Favorite Music:  Classic rock, Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Indie 80’s music like The Cure and Modern English 
Favorite Book: Tons! As many as possible, as often as possible

“Derby is like having an awesome family of crazy, funny, strong women who support you unconditionally,” says Scream Cheese (Scream).

Scream says that support changed her after she started roller derby, helping her come out of her shell. “It's a really positive environment, and I realized its okay not to have a perfect body and always be a girly girl.”  

Scream is tall with long legs and considers herself to be on the “sturdy” side, which helps her give and take hits, but she says, when she falls it’s a long way down.  Maybe those long legs are what get Scream into trouble on the track. “I have been ejected twice, and there is nothing worse than feeling you let your team down,” said Scream.

Roller derby has given Scream more than just self confidence; Scream has gained muscles and strength since joining roller derby.  “My thighs have knocked down buildings.”