Scarlette O'scare'a

Skater: Scarlette O'scare'a, #511

League/Team: OC (Orange County) Jr Rollergirls/Team Tropicana (Long Beach, CA)

Age: 17 (freshman in college – graduated two years early from high school)

Favorite Candy: Airheads, because they're delicious, vegan, & kosher

Favorite Music:  Everything from house music to singer-songwriter and folk to rock.

Favorite Book: Non-fiction business books, books that deal with metacognition, books about politics, religious texts, and books about my idol, Eleanor Roosevelt

When she’s not playing roller derby (and she usually wishes she was), Scarlette O’scare’a (aka Scar) loves working at Wicked Skatewear where she does one of other things she loves, writing.  And the folks at Wicked Skatewear love scar too; in fact, they think she’ll run that company one day.

With a birthday on Cinco de Mayo, the number 5 has always been lucky for Scar. And since her role model is OC’s B-Train, one of the founders of Wicked Skatewear, 511 is Scar’s new lucky number.

 “Most definitely, without a doubt,” is what Scar says when asked if roller derby has changed her life. Before she began playing roller derby Scar was introverted and anxious.  Since joining her league, she calls herself a “loudmouth pivot and ham” and has lost her stage/bout fright and anxiety.  She adds, “My teammates can't get me to shut up.”

Scar has always loved sports and has played quite a few. Before roller derby she played baseball for six years and softball for an additional four years.  What Scar says is different about roller derby is the team dynamic, with more mutual respect, on and off track support, and coaches who give constructive advice and play athletes fairly.

While she loves the hitting, Scar’s favorite part of the sport is the strategy: How can we manipulate the rules? How should we adjust the pack speed in this situation? What do we know about the opposing team’s jammer?  She adds, “I totally geek out on roller derby strategy and rules!”

Scar started playing roller derby because of the movie, Whip It.  “I introduced my best friend of ten years toWhip It and told her I had to do roller derby, no matter the cost.  She (her friend) and I started researching and she found the OC Rollergirls league.”

 “I believe a lot of the girls I've met joined roller derby because they're looking for something.  Maybe they don't even know exactly what that is yet,” Scar finished.