The Freakin' I-Rican

Skater: The Freakin' I-Rican, #16

League/Team: Sparkling City Rollerdollz (Corpus Christi, TX)

Age: 11 (6th grade)

Favorite Candy:  Watermelon Sour Patch Kids

Favoirite Music: Lady Gaga, Kesha, Beyonce, Lil' Wayne

Favorite Book: Anything about animals

The youngest skater to make the A-Team and considered an “upcoming superstar,” Freakin’ I-rican says roller derby has made her more confident and outspoken in the two seasons she’s played the game. She says that confidence allows her to take more risks in what she wears, and she’s not afraid of being self conscious about it.

More than just an athlete who also plays soccer and basketball and swims, as the 2011 Texas Region 7 Girls Chess Champion, Freakin’ has got the brains to back up her strategic play.  While she enjoys her other sports and activities, it’s the sisterhood and physicality that roller derby brings gets Freakin’ going.

She’s crazy and likes to have fun, just like her Irish Dad and her Puerto Rican Mom, which is how she got her name.  Freakin’ even took her Mom’s favorite number as her own. Freakin’ is not new to roller derby though, as both her Mom, BiPolar Roller, and Aunt play for CC Maiden Texas. In fact, Freakin’s been exposed to derby since 2005.

Freakin’ loves that roller derby is a sport that accepts everyone, no matter what a skater’s size, shape, background, or age.  She believes she’s come so far because she practices hard, but she admits that her lean and mean shape helps her squeeze into tight spaces on the track.  She’ll do anything for that extra point.