Peaches N' Scream

Skater: Peaches N' Scream

League/Team: Fort Wayne Derby Brats/Electric Rollers (Captain) 

Age: 11

Favorite Candy: Starburst

Favorite Music:  Hip Hop, R & B, and rap (especially Eminem)

Favorite Book:  I like to read pre-teen books that are a little above my age range. Chapter books are best.

Peaches has a reputation in school as being nice and smart and helping others.   Even after becoming a jammer for the Fort Wayne (IA) Derby Brats, she’s still that same person, except now she has learned how to speak her mind, gets her frustrations out and is better able to deal with tough situations thanks to roller derby. 

When Peaches is not playing roller derby, she’s in dance.  Her “small and scrappy” dancer body makes her faster to sneak through the pack and “kick butt.”  She says the girls who play roller derby are more determined and tougher than the dancers she hangs with.

Her name fits her because not only is she nice, she’s loud.  While she still enjoys dance, her favorite part of roller derby is “kickin’ butt.”