Seemore Bruises

Skater: Seemore Bruises, #1025

League/Team: Toronto Junior Roller Derby/Knicker Kickers (Toronto, Canada)
Age: 11 (6th grade)
Favorite Candy: cotton candy
Favorite Music: Katy Perry, Marianas Trench
Favorite Book: The Crazy Man

Seemore Bruises is lean and mean and has mastered the booty block.  She’s figured out that utilizing different blocking techniques can make her as effective as any of her bigger competitors.

Even though she was a soccer player before roller derby, Seemore Bruises still didn’t feel all that active before she started playing roller derby. She thinks that her roller derby teammates are the toughest of all sports; they love to play the game hard and cheer their teammates on, win or lose.

“I love the feeling of skating around the track with the wind in my hair,” said Seemore Bruises. “And I also love the feeling of after a jam where your teammates are so happy and it’s just awesome.” 

Seemore Bruises is thankful that her mom was supportive when Seemore told her she wanted to play roller derby.  In addition to sporting a few more actual bruises since starting the sport, Seemore Bruises also sees more muscle on her body.

She says she was a little weird before she started playing roller derby, “I feel more self confident; I’m still weird but more people accept it.”

If Seemore Bruises was stranded on an island, she’d bring her pet unicorn and her I-Pod.